Unleash the Joy of Learning Maths and Fuel Your Child's Success!

With captivating lessons, activities and exciting rewards, ignite a newfound love for maths in your child!

Try it first Mathseeds Prime is included with Mathseeds.
Note: early release includes Year 4 content. Years 5 & 6 coming soon.

Mathseeds Prime

A better way to learn maths for children in Years 3⁠–⁠6

Mathseeds Prime is the long-awaited, next chapter of the renowned online maths program, Mathseeds.

Designed for children in Years 3⁠–⁠6, Mathseeds Prime takes learning maths to a whole new level, immersing children in a fantastic forest world filled with enchanting characters, collectible Seedbobs and highly engaging lessons that will build your child's maths confidence fast.

Mathseeds Prime is designed to transform the way children perceive and engage with maths, even if they've never enjoyed it before. The program is perfect for struggling students who may have experienced maths anxiety in the past, and provides the support, motivation and excitement needed to help them to rediscover the joy of learning maths.

Engaging and interactive maths program Trophy treehouse collectibles

Unveil Topic Trees which nurture constant growth

Mathseeds Prime is built upon a foundation of Topic Trees, a structured pathway that will guide your child through the marvellous world of maths. Each of the comprehensive units is carefully crafted with 3⁠–⁠4 engaging lessons, accompanied by problem‑solving tasks and assessments to ensure steady progress and a deep level of understanding.

As they complete the lessons, your child will engage with animated teaching videos that simplify complex concepts.

Mathseeds Prime Topic Trees

Delight in fun, interactive games that cover a wide range of topics

Your child will love the fun and interactive activities that reinforce maths concepts and foster a positive learning experience. Mathseeds Prime offers a comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide range of maths topics that engage and challenge young learners. From Numbers to Fractions, Operations & Algebra to Geometry, the program provides a robust foundation in key mathematical concepts (Measurement units to come).

Fun and interactive maths games

Structured lessons foster a deeper understanding of key concepts

Each Mathseeds Prime lesson is thoughtfully designed to ensure lasting comprehension and enjoyment. The review questions at the start of each lesson strengthen foundational knowledge and build confidence. Once children have completed the learning activities, they'll complete a set of 10 practice questions which help them to achieve mastery.

Structured lessons foster growth of key concepts

Fun characters and motivating rewards help children stay on track

Delightful characters will help guide your child through their maths journey and make learning an enjoyable adventure. Watch as your child's collection of adorable Seedbobs grows with every milestone they achieve, providing motivation and a sense of accomplishment. Let your child's imagination soar as they customise their very own Woodling avatar using the rewards they earn.

Mathseeds Prime fun characters and motivating rewards

See real progress while strengthening crucial problem‑solving skills

Mathseeds Prime goes beyond standard assessments, offering additional features that enhance your child's learning and progress. Checkpoints in the form of halfway and end‑of‑unit quizzes provide a measure of progress and allow your child to celebrate their achievements. Every unit also includes a dedicated lesson that cultivates problem‑solving skills, empowering your child to apply maths to real‑world situations.

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Mathseeds Prime

Unleash the joy of learning maths and fuel your child's success!

Try it first

Mathseeds Prime is included with Mathseeds.
Note: initial release includes Year 4 content only.

Mathseeds Prime is the NEW installment to Mathseeds