Mathseeds Reviews

“My 6-year-old son doesn't like to do 'school', but he asks to do Mathseeds regularly and really enjoys it.” – Joy

“I started my 6-year-old daughter using Mathseeds about a month ago. She loves doing her maths now. She is counting and adding everything. Mathseeds turned maths into fun. I am so happy with this programme and will continue using it through next year, also encouraging others to check it out for their family.” – Danielle S.

“My 5-year-old son enjoys Mathseeds. After [a] free trial, he begged to have more Mathseeds every day. He loves the characters and the games […] Sometimes he will push to finish a lesson a day and sometimes he just uses a few games in the lesson. He loves when he finishes a lesson and sees the acorn hatch […] I love it because it reviews previous lessons in games and teaches maths in such a fun way. The animation quality is excellent.” – Susan G.

“Absolutely loving the programme. My 4 year old is up to lesson map 3 and is able to count up to ten on her own and is now recognising shapes. She’s loving the independence, confidence and freedom that comes with being able to count on her own. Thanks so much Mathseeds!” – Liz

“My 4-year-old loves Reading Eggs and Mathseeds […] He asks to do it every day and it keeps him occupied while I tackle subjects with my older kids.” – Celena, Homeschooler

“I’ve been using Mathseeds with my 4 year old for 3 months now and she LOVES it. She’s always loved playing on the iPad so it is just like a game to her. She can now recognise some shapes and really looks forward to earning the golden acorns and pets. She starts school next year and I think she will be ahead of her class thanks to Mathseeds!” – Suzy

“Thank you sooooo much! I’d just like to take this opportunity to say Reading Eggs and Mathseeds are awesome! My boys both have a host of medical conditions and as such, my older son’s attendance at school is poor. However, as a teacher I know he’s not failing academically as he should be but rather thriving academically instead and I apportion a large part of this success to your programme.” – Desiree

“Fantastic job guys!!! Mathseeds should be in every school!!! It’s the best way to teach a child maths, I have a 4 year old and my oldest has just finished school so I’ve seen many different methods. Not only is it amazing, once you understand what’s going on, what it creates for children’s numeracy and problem solving skills has frankly been mind blowing.” – Kate

“Our kids love Mathseeds. Our eldest (5yo) is so confident and eager to tackle maths problems and his progress at school is way above that of his sisters at the same time. Thank you Mathseeds for enabling him to be very confident with numbers and his school maths activities.” – Julia

“Wish I’d known about Mathseeds sooner for my 6yo!! He’s been doing it for a couple of months now and I can’t keep him off it! He was having trouble with numbers but I’ve seen a vast improvement since he started doing the lessons and my 2yo LOVES joining in with her big brother too! Thank you.” – Amanda

“My son is in year 2 and struggled with maths at school. He uses Mathseeds nearly every day and I’ve seen a big improvement in his adding and subtracting. He also has a lot more confidence with numbers and now looks forward to doing maths activities.” – Lianne

“My 4 year old began Mathseeds a few months ago and couldn’t even use a mouse or the computer. Within weeks he was learning his first numbers and worked the mouse out really well by the second time he even tried this programme. It’s amazing to watch my pre-schooler counting things when we go shopping! Thanks.” – Claire

“Just started my daughter on Mathseeds and she loves it. She can count up to 20 and after day care she’s always asking me if we can play. Mathseeds is always so much fun that the learning just happens. Great concept for learning, every kid should have access to it.” – Lisa

“Both my boys LOVE Mathseeds. They’ve been using it for over a month and I can’t get them off the computer! Now they’re counting everything when we go to the park or shopping and it’s given them a fantastic head start at school. Love this system and so do my boys!” – Rachael

“I have a young deaf child who had very little sensory input as a child and only had a cochlear implant at the age of 4. Her language and maths skills were practically non-existent at that stage. We found Reading Eggs and she dug in. She is now 7 years old, and…she is the BEST reader in her class! We have concentrated mostly on her language skills to bring her up to date but we are now working on her maths skills and the work she is doing with Mathseeds is turning out fantastically good results as well. I am so pleased with the programmes. I have recommended it to the school and to several parents who have children who are falling behind in “regular school”. I have also passed the information about the programme to several parents of children with various disabilities and it is proving hugely successful for ALL of them. Thank you so much for your programme […] It has been literally life-changing for several children that I know.” – Anne M.