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Year 3 Online Maths Lessons

Lesson Lesson Name Strand Outcome
151 Counting 1000—5000 Number & Algebra Order numbers on a number line, counting forward and backward in thousands, hundreds and tens. Order numbers from smallest to largest.
152 Symmetry Measurement & Geometry Explore vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry. Identify images in the environment that are symmetrical.
153 Number Patterns 2 Number & Algebra Identify addition and subtraction number patterns. Explore the Fibonacci Sequence and follow a rule to create a number pattern. Identify the rule to create a number pattern.
154 Litres & Millilitres Measurement & Geometry Introduce the litre and millilitre as units of measure. Understand that 1 L = 1 litre and 1 ml = 1 millilitre, and that 1 L = 1000 ml. Determine if a vessel holds more than, less than or is equal to 1 L. Read increments on measuring jugs in litres and millilitres to determine the amount of liquid there is.
155 Multiplication Revision Number & Algebra Revise multiplication strategies including repeated addition, grouping items together and using the multiplication sign in a number sentence. Solve multiplication word problems using the ‘create a picture’ strategy to help visualise the problem.
156 Counting 5000—10000 Number & Algebra Model a number using base 10 equipment and match the number to its name. Place numbers on a number line and count forwards and backwards in thousands, hundreds and tens. Add +1, +10, +100 to a number.
157 Area 3 Measurement & Geometry Count squares to measure area. Multiply the number of squares (length) by the number of squares (width). Multiply length x width to find the area in m².
158 Times Tables: x2, x4 Number & Algebra Explore the ×2, ×4 tables. Identify patterns in a hundred chart and understand that 2 × 2 means two groups of two.
159 Money: Equivalent Amounts 2 Number & Algebra Count collections of coins and notes to determine the value. Understand that the same amount can be presented in different combinations of currency. Match different currency combinations to a given amount. Find the correct change combinations from a given amount up to $50.
160 Comparing & Ordering Fractions Number & Algebra Understand the role of the top and bottom numbers in a fraction, and use the term ‘denominator’. Compare the sizes of fractions, including mixed numbers up to 2. Order simple fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. Fractions used: 1⁄2 , 1⁄3 ,1⁄4 , 1⁄5 , 1⁄6 , 1⁄8.
161 Partitioning Numbers Number & Algebra Use place value to partition and rearrange numbers up to 9999. Recognise the value of each digit in 4-digit numbers. Increase the value of numbers by addition, and compare values using mathematical symbols.
162 Time to the Minute Measurement & Geometry Recognise that there are 60 minutes in an hour, and tell time to the nearest minute.
163 Equivalent Number Sentences Number & Algebra Explore the connection between addition and subtraction using wholes and parts, related number facts and equivalent number sentences.
164 Maps Measurement & Geometry Identify features and places on a simple map using basic coordinates and compass directions.
165 Division Number & Algebra Revision of grouping and sharing using the division sign and related number facts.
166 Odd & Even Numbers 2 Number & Algebra Identify odd and even numbers using skip counting by twos on number lines and charts. Explore odd and even number patterns.
167 Chance 3 Statistics & Probability Investigate different chance experiments. Identify outcomes and possibilities and record results.
168 Multiplication Word Problems 2 Number & Algebra Use multiplication facts and related number facts to solve a variety of word problems. Explore the use of different strategies to solve problems.
169 Prisms and Pyramids Measurement & Geometry Identify prisms and pyramids and describe their key features.
170 Addition 3 Number & Algebra Use vertical addition. Add two 3-digit numbers and introduce regrouping.
171 Times Tables 2: x8 Number & Algebra Explore the 4x and 8x tables. Identify number patterns and investigate the associative property of multiplication.
172 Kilograms & Grams Measurement & Geometry Measure and compare the mass of objects using grams and kilograms. Use a range of operations to solve one-step word problems involving mass.
173 Mental + - Strategies Number & Algebra Use the compensation strategy to add and subtract numbers mentally.
174 Data 3 Statistics & Probability Collect data and draw a scaled picture graph. Solve one-step and two-step questions by interpreting the information presented in the graph.
175 Comparing Fractions of a Collection Number & Algebra Investigate a half, a quarter, a third, a fifth and a tenth of a share. Understand that the denominator tells you how many groups to make. Compare quantities by comparing unit fractions with different denominators.
176 Times Tables 3: Mental Facts Number & Algebra Explore times tables, including the 3x and 6x tables. Identify number patterns and investigate the distributive property of multiplication.
177 Angles Measurement & Geometry Understand that angles are properties of 2D shapes and measures of turn. Identify angles in the environment and compare their sizes.
178 Subtraction with Regrouping Number & Algebra Apply place value to subtract two 3-digit numbers. Use a variety of strategies to demonstrate regrouping when subtracting.
179 Comparing Times Measurement & Geometry Compare the duration of an event, recognising that time can be recorded in minutes, seconds and hours. Understand the difference between am and pm time.
180 Equivalent Fractions Number & Algebra Recognise equivalent fractions that are the same size or at the same point on a number line. Compare equivalent fractions.
181 Number Fact Families 2 Number & Algebra Solve problems using the commutative property of multiplication. Recognise different number combinations that make number fact families when multiplying and dividing.
182 Metres, Centimetres & Millimetres Measurement & Geometry Measure and compare objects using metres, centimetres and millimetres. Recognise which unit of measure is the most appropriate for the situation.
183 Solving Word Problems Number & Algebra Solve a variety of addition and subtraction word problems using different strategies.
184 Properties of 2D Shapes Measurement & Geometry Revise the different categories of 2D shapes and group shapes according to their attributes.
185 Adding Fractions Number & Algebra Add simple fractions that share the same denominator. Solve simple word problems.
186 Multiplication Number & Algebra Use vertical multiplication. Multiply 1 digit by 1 digit, and 2 digits by 1 digit.
187 Creating Graphs Statistics & Probability Collect data and draw a scaled bar graph. Solve one-step and two-step questions by interpreting the information presented in the graph.
188 Problem Solving Number & Algebra Solve word problems that involve the four operations. Interpret the question and determine the appropriate operation to solve the problem.
189 Time Word Problems Measurement & Geometry Solve word problems that focus on time. Use addition and subtraction to calculate time intervals in minutes.
190 Division 2 Number & Algebra Recall division facts, and solve problems where there is an unknown quotient.
191 Fraction Word Problems Number & Algebra Solve word problems that include finding the fraction of a collection of objects, equivalent fractions and adding fractions.
192 Perimeter Measurement & Geometry Find the perimeter of a variety of shapes. Calculate perimeters of shapes where all sides are given, or where there is an unknown length. Investigate shapes that have different areas but the same perimeters.
193 Multiplication 2 Number & Algebra Use a variety of strategies to multiply one-digit numbers by multiples of 10.
194 Rounding to the Nearest 100 Number & Algebra Use a number line. Identify the ‘midpoint’ and round up or down to the nearest hundred.
195 Fluent Facts within 1000 Number & Algebra Use a range of strategies to fluently add and subtract numbers up to and within 1000.
196 Division Word Problems Number & Algebra Solve word problems that involve division. Interpret the questions and determine unknown quotients.
197 Whole Number Fractions Number & Algebra Recognise that whole numbers can be written as fractions. Identify whole number fractions on a number line and compare sizes.
198 Measurement Data Statistics & Probability Measure items using centimetres and record data using a graph. Record measurements in whole numbers, halves and quarters. Interpret the results.
199 Fluent x ÷ within 100 Number & Algebra Use a range of strategies to fluently multiply and divide numbers within 100.
200 Area Problem Solving Measurement & Geometry Interpret and solve problems involving area. Find the areas of various rectangles using an additive approach.